Radio communications in the real world are not always loud and clear. Your simulated communications don't have to be either. Calytrix CNR-Effects delivers dynamic, realistic radio degradation effects to virtual radios. The system combines environmental inputs such as the Line-of-Sight (LOS) between sender and receiver, urban density and weather settings, with the physical properties of the radios such as power and transmit frequency. Mixing these settings it automatically calculates the appropriate ways to degrade incoming transmissions so that the communications environment. The result is a far more realistic simulated radio environment.

Real Effects for Virtual Worlds

The visual fidelity of virtual simulation systems continues to increase. Simulation training tools such as Titan Vanguard have evolved with the commercial gaming industry to deliver highly realistic visual environments. The level of realism in radio communications simulation has not kept track, until now. Calytrix have tightly integrated CNR-Effects into Titan to allow users to experience a communications environment that matches their virtual environment. CNR-Effects can source terrain LOS profiles from Titan at runtime, and will factor in environmental obstructions such as building and areas of dense foliage when performing degradation calculations. Even the weather in Titan will have an effect!

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Technical Notes

Line-of-Sight Effects

Ruggard and mountainous terrain has a significant impact on a radio operators ability to establish clear communications in the battlefield. Perfect communications is not realistic, especially over distance and terrain.

Using CNR-Effects, the Pro version of CNR-Sim can apply realistic degradation effects to an incoming signal based on the line-of-sight between the sender and receiver. Terrain profiles are able to be extracted from either a live instance of Titan or from an underlying DTED dataset. From the profile, signal propagation between the two points is calculated and effects are dynamically applied within CNR-Sim.

Users can monitor the profiles being used as input into CNR-Effects through a dedicated tool that updates each time a profile is requested.

Titan Integration (Buldings and Obstructions)

Users with low-power Personal Role Radios operating inside dense urban environments will experience patchy communications due to the man-made landscape that surrounds them. When training in similar virtual environments, comms should the imperfect nature of the real world.

When attached to Titan, CNR-Sim with CNR-Effects is capable of calculating the loss that should be applied to a signal based on the physical world around the sender and receiver. In addition to the line-of-sight calculations mentioned earlier, CNR can also take into account the man-made physical obstructions inside a virtual world.

In the screenshot below you can see CNR-Effects with Titan in debugging mode. It shows all the building intersection points between a sender and receiver with red flags, and any foliage or other intersections in green


Antenna Modelling

The type of antenna attached to a radio plays vital role in enabling efficient transmission and reception between two points - your virtual antenna should too.

When applying degradation effect, CNR-Sim with CNR-Effects uses internal propagation models that factor in the type and facing of any attached antenna. These settings can then be linked to activities inside virtual or constructive simulation environments to render audio as it would be experienced in those worlds.

Multiple Propgation Models

CNR-Effects supports a number of different propgation modelling techniques. From those driven by live virtual world data (such as Titan Vanguard) to "algotihm only" plugins that apply simple power-over-distance calculations. Depending on the data you have available, there is a degradation mode available to help make your communications environment more immersive.

Software Developers Kit

Are the settings currently built into CNR-Effects not suitable for your purpose? Do you want to use ultra high fidelity propagation models available via a third-party package? No problems. CNR-Effects is extensible. You can write your own plugins to bridge out to third-party models and let them do the heavy lifting.

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