Communication in close-quarters crew environments is often done through the use of a dedicated Intercom feed. Users are hard-wired together, allowing them to talk naturally and directly. From tank crews to the aircraft cockpit, these communications environments are common. Calytrix's CNR-Intercom product is designed specifically to support this environment and provide instantaneous communications between groups of connected users.

CNR-Intercom delivers the best of both audio worlds: a clear-speech hardware intercom solution in conjunction with an advanced simulated radio. The combination delivers a complete radio environment in your simulator or training environment. CNR-Intercom features include:

  • Full compatibility with CNR-Sim and CNR-Log
  • Supports up to 6 users
  • Multiple CNR-Intercoms can be linked together

A Platform for Simulators

Calytrix's line of hardware products are designed to provide full support for simulator integration, combining with our CNR software suite to deliver a complete communications platform. From the individual with Sidetone, to their crew with Intercom, to the battlefield with CNR-Sim and CNR-Effects. Our hardware products are ready to be used on the desktop, or embedded into larger simulators as a behind-the-scenes capability thanks to the inclusion of capabilities supporting triggering via external switches and controls.

Instantaneous Communications

Some amount of lag is inherent to any software-based communications solution. The time it takes to receive a signal, process and encode it, send over the network, decode and then feed to a user introduces enough latency to prove disconcerting. CNR-Sidetone eliminates this problem for single users when introducing their own voice back into their ear. CNR-Intercom does the same thing for a group of participants.

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