Calytrix CNR-Live systems are increasingly being integrated into the virtual and constructive training domain. Just as messaging protocols can be integrated to deliver a common C2 picture, CNR-Live allows CNR software users to communicated with any live radio on the network.

Each CNR-Live unit can support up to four (4) live radios, which are mapped to virtual radio channels on the CNR network. Any CNR user, if configured, can speak with any live radio in the field and vice versa, allowing a seamless LVC communications network to be developed.

Supporting Integrated Training

CNR-Live is routinely deployed to simulation-supported training activities allowing communications and monitoring between trainees and exercise control on live ranges and anyone connected to the supporting training network. In Australia, the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) deploy a suite of CNR-Live units to support their joint training activities with participants communicating from live training facilities in Queensland back to network control in Canberra. From the Desktop to the Field, all this traffic is recorded and available for After Action Review.

CNR-Live is helping the Australian Defence Training and Simulation Centre provide a communications backbone that spans the country. From a soldier on the range to an exercise control cell thousands of miles away, CNR-Live and CNR-Sim deliver a fully connected, distributed communications environment.
— Steve Salmon - Training Systems Principal

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Technical Notes

Simple User Interface

The CNR-Live hardware appliance ships with the CNR-Live software required to control it. The user interface is simple and easy to use, designed to quickly highlight the current high-level configuration and status of a virtual radio.

Fully CNR Compatible

CNR-Live is fully compatible with all CNR software products such as CNR-Sim, CNR-Log, CNR-Skins and CNR-Monitor. Any user on the virtual network can communicate with radios linked to a CNR-Live device, and all live radio traffic can be recorded.

Support Multiple Radios

Each CNR-Live device supports up to four radios and one handsets. The front of the box provides a number of U-183 mounts that connect to standard U-229 connectors.

After Action Review

As CNR-Live is compatible with the full CNR software suite, all traffic coming in from, and going out to live radios can be recorded for later review as part of a debrief or lessons learnt activity.

Standard Operating Environment

CNR-Live ships with a standard operating environment designed to quickly present core configuration and status information to end users. The SOE also includes a number of useful utilities to configure and debug the application and remotely manage it.

Central Management

Management of remotely deployed CNR-Live devices is done in one of two ways:

  1. Remotely via VNC Client
  2. Virtual radios controlled via CNR-Monitor

A VNC server is installed and configured on each device as part of the SOE. If a user wishes to directly control all aspects of the device from a remote location, they use this to access the desktop.

Where a user wants to manage and configure many virtual radios, they can use CNR-Monitor. CNR-Live ships with a version of CNR-Sim Pro that is capable of being remote managed, and this is enabled by default for an out-of-the-box management solution.

Standard IP Network

CNR-Live connects into your simulation network as a standard IP device. No special hardware is required and it can be managed as just another computer on your network.

Bridge VHF and UHF

CNR-Live does more than just provide a real-to-virtual radio bridge. By plugging multiple radios into the device, CNR-Live can bridge differnet real radio types. For example, you could have one VHF and one UHF radio connected to the device, and the information transmitted on one would be routed through the device and out to the other.

Product Dimensions

CNR-Live is a small unit which can be deployed either to a desktop or mounted onto a tray and placed inside a standard rack.

  • Length: 11 inches (28cm)
  • Width: 7 inches (17.7cm)
  • Height: 3 inches (7.6cm)
  • Power: 85 - 264 volts AC, 47 - 63 Hertz

What's in the Box?

Each CNR-Live kit ships in two hard carry cases with a number of items:

  • 1 x CNR-Live Radio Bridge Device
  • 4 x U-229 coiled flexible cable to connect CNR-Live to external radio
  • 1 x U-229 handeset extension cable
  • 1 x Localized Power Cable
  • 1 x CNR-Live SOE Re-imaging DVD
  • 1 x CNR-Live Manual
  • 1 x CNR-Live Manual DVD
  • 1 x License Certificate

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