Calytrix CNR-Log is an After Action Review (AAR) tool that records all communications exchanged during a training activity. It allows an instructor to review recorded material during de-brief and review, and to export all or part recordings for assessment or attachment into other systems.

Titan Vanguard After Action Review

CNR-Log is packaged and shipped with every copy of Titan Vanguard. It is tightly integrated into the Titan After Action Review tool and provides support for replaying radio communications recorded during a training activity in synchronization with the activities of avatars within the virtual world and filtering of transmissions based on channel. CNR-Log is used by simulation centers around the world to support virtual training activities and AAR.

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Technical Notes

Transmission Recording

CNR-Log will watch the simulated radio network and capture all transmissions, timestamp them and store for later use.

CNR-Log will record radio transmissions from all DIS-compliant radios, allowing it to be integrated into mixed-environments that include legacy systems.

Transmission Playback

During AAR a user can select to either replay captures transmissions either to the local computer as audio, or to re-broadcast the transmission out to the network so that all attached CNR-Sim instances back pick it up, allowing trainees to remain at their stations during AAR.

Transmissions can be replayed individually or a general replay of the session can be started, stopped or paused.

Unlimited Audio Sessions

In CNR-Log, a Session represents a group of recordings, whether that be for an individual lesson, a period of an exercise or some other purpose. CNR-Log lets users record an unlimited number of audio sessions.


Sessions can contain a large number of recorded transmissions. Narrowing in on a particular group of these can be done through the use of filters. Users can set filters to search for transmissions from a particular radio ID, radio name or transmission frequency.

Audio Export

Captured transmissions can be exported out of a CNR-Log session either individually or as a group. This can even be done while recording.

Realtime or Compressed Replay

Recorded transmissions can be replayed in real-time, including the gaps of silence that occur between them, or silences can be eliminated to speed up reviews.

Software Developers Kit

CNR-Log has a full API allowing CNR-Log to be easily integrated with third-party systems.

Powering Titan Vanguard AAR Audio

CNR-Log is directly integrated into the Titan Vanguard After Action Review tool. Recording an AAR session will automatically start a new session recording inside CNR-Log. When running an AAR replay, Titan will query CNR-Log to find out when all the transmissions were made and will place checkmarks at the appropriate times. As the playhead passes over these checkmarks, Titan will trigger AAR to replay the appropriate transmission, synchronizing the visual and audio playback to deliver a complete picture of events.

DIS Compliant

CNR-Sim is compliant with the international standard DIS simulation protocol. It freely interoperates with any other DIS compliant simulation system, from virtual radios to constructive semi-automated forces systems.

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