Calytrix Calytrix CNR-Monitor allows you to set up, configure and control all your networked CNR radios from one location. Instructors and exercise designers can monitor and manipulate radio settings from one console. With just a few quick clicks, CNR-Monitor's Smart Groups feature automatically configures radios as they join the network, rapidly tuning the communications environment to your training needs.

Training environments vary enormously, from small classroom training of 15 to 20 students, through to large scale exercise support with 100+ CNR users. CNR-Monitor provides all the management tools you need to configure and manage your communications training environment. The best thing: it’s FREE.

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CNR-Monitor is provided for free with any purchase of CNR-Sim. It is delivered in the same package allowing you to get started right away. If you'd like to try it out with an evaluation license of CNR-Sim, you can get started right away!

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Technical Notes

Configuration Sets

CNR-Monitor allows users to define reusable sets of configuration information that can later be applied to a radio. From a list of presets to physical properties of a radio, you can define and save these in the system, applying to radios either manually or automatically.


Managing radios individually is OK when there aren't many, but if you're trying to control a classroom or exercise network full of radios, things get difficult.

Radio Groups allow you to manage radios as a set. You can create as many groups as you want, and manually drag radios into any group. Once grouped, you can apply actions to the contained radios as a set.

Join Actions and Configuration Sets

There are two main ways you can manipulate radios in a group. Firstly, you can apply a Configuration Set. This will update the settings of every radio in the group using those you have defined in the set. Secondly, you can specify Join Actions for a group. Join actions are a set of tasks that are run on a radio it joins a group. These let you control just about any major option the radio has available.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups are just like regular groups, only smarter! With regular groups you have to manually add a radio to a group. With Smart Groups you can define a set of rules that a radio is evaluated against, and if it passes, it will be automatically added to the group.

Using this feature, CNR-Monitor can be configured to automatically identify radios on the network as soon as they start up. Coupled with Join Actions which configure a radio when it joins a group, the radio can then be automatically set up without a single click from an administrator! Zero-Click administration is the goal of CNR-Monitor.

Status Monitoring

Beyond configuration, many administrators and instructors just want to monitor the status of radios on the network. Through CNR-Monitor's Status view you can get a quick snapshot of a large number of radios, view what channel they're tuned to and whether they're transmitting or not.

The status view can be used with either all radios on the network, or individual groups or smart groups if you want a more restricted view. The feature also has a full-screen display so you can use it as a large view status-board.

Individual Radio Control

Through Groups and Smart Groups you can control a set of radios, however, sometimes you just want to make simple changes to one radio. CNR-Monitor allows you to view the status of an individual radio and adjust its settings as you see fit.

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