Calytrix CNR-Sim is a family of affordable communication products for simulated radio and intercom. CNR-Sim provides the core radio simulation, allowing users to communicate with one another over the network.

CNR in the Virtual World

CNR-Sim provides the essential communications platform for use along side all standard Virtual and Constructive training environments. It is integrated tightly into industry standard systems such as Titan Vanguard and routinely deployed to support training with systems such as Steel Beasts, OneSAF, SWORD and VR-Forces.

CNR for Communications Training

Real radios are expensive, difficult to obtain, need to be secured and require ongoing maintenance. CNR-Sim provides the alternative solution to using real radios for communications training.

The Australian Army is using CNR-Skins to faciilitate the introduction into service of their new, digitized radio. This allows them to complete their training requirments without the need to access real radios.
— Steve Salmon - Training Systems Principal

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Technical Notes

CNR-Sim Base and Pro

CNR-Sim is packaged in two versions: Base and Pro. CNR-Base provides the fundamentals for radio operation and CNR-Pro builds on this functionality adding CNR-Effects for radio signal degradation effects.

CNR-Sim Base

The introductory level for the radio training system. Supporting a range of features to help build an enhanced communications environment.

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Radio Profiles
  • Configurable Hotkeys
  • Left Ear/Right Ear Audio
  • Voice Activated Keying
  • Text Chat
  • External Sound Injection
  • Customizable Squelch Tones
  • Adjustable Ambient Sounds
  • Centralized Management with CNR-Monitor
  • Full Developer Platform via CNR SDK
  • Adjustable Degradation Effects
CNR-Sim Pro

Our full-fidelity simulation. Build complex, dynamic training environments or embed directly into your simulator as a turn-key comms solution.

  • Dynamic, environment-based degradataion with CNR-Effects
  • Antenna Modelling
  • Line-of-Sight from Titan Vanguard or Terrain Data
  • Building and Obstruction Effects
  • Weather effects on propagation

Cross Platform - Software Only Radio

CNR-Sim is a software-only radio simulation - no hardware required. It is supported on Windows and major Linux distributions in 32 and 64-bit.

Windows 7/8
32-bit and 64-bit
Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Debian

Unlimited Channels

Define and use an unlimited number of radio channels.

Radio Profiles

Radio profiles allow you to define the physical characteristics of CNR-Sim quickly and easily. You can select from a number of pre-defined radios or create your own custom profiles.

Configurable Hot-Keys

Users may assign any keyboard press to any radio Channel. Pressing that key (or key sequence) activates the radio's channel up, channel down and Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature. Hot Keys continue to work when CNR-Sim is minimized and not in focus.

Left Ear/Right Ear

CNR-Sim lets a user to specify which ear incoming audio on a particular channel will be sent to, allowing them to split reception for radio nets.

Voice Activation (VOX)

Automatically trigger the radio whenever the user speaks.

Text Chat

Allows users on a channel to communicate with one another directly via timestamped text messages.

External Sound Injection

Inject pre-recorded sounds into a scenario manually by adding them to CNR-Sim and playing over a particular frequency. Add realism to your communications environment by inserting ambient transmissions into the network.

Customizable Squelch Tones

Choose the sounds that should be played immediately prior and after a transmission to match your radio environment.

Adjustable Ambient Sounds

Clear comms is not realistic. With features like CNR-Sims ambient-sound mixing you can select a background noise to mix into all outgoing transmissions. Receives of the message will then hear a mix of the voice and background noise - delivering a more true-to-life environment.

DIS Compliant

CNR-Sim is compliant with the international standard DIS simulation protocol. It freely interoperates with any other DIS compliant simulation system, from virtual radios to constructive semi-automated forces systems.

Adjustable Degradation Effects

CNR-Sim Pro lets you manually specify a set of degradation adjustments to apply to all transmissions on a particular, or from a specific radio. General signal degradation options such as white noise and

Software Developers Kit

CNR-Sim Pro comes with a full Software Developers Kit (SDK) that lets an developer program applications to create and control radios. CNR-Sim provides a broad simulated communications platform on which rich radio environments can be built. Through the SDK a developer connect to and control radios, completing tasks such as:

  • Discover CNR-Sim radios resident on the network
  • Create a new radio or connect to an existing one
  • Control the radio configuration
  • Power the radio on and off
  • Change channels and presets
  • Adjust volumne, signal degradation and other radio properties

Antenna Modelling   / Pro Only

The type of antenna attached to a radio plays vital role in enabling efficient transmission and reception between two points - your virtual antenna should too.

When applying degradation effect, CNR-Sim with CNR-Effects uses internal propagation models that factor in the type and facing of any attached antenna. These settings can then be linked to activities inside virtual or constructive simulation environments to render audio as it would be experienced in those worlds.

Line of Sight Effects   / Pro Only

Ruggard and mountainous terrain has a significant impact on a radio operators ability to establish clear communications in the battlefield. Perfect communications is not realistic, especially over distance and terrain.

Using CNR-Effects, the Pro version of CNR-Sim can apply realistic degradation effects to an incoming signal based on the line-of-sight between the sender and receiver. Using information from either a live Titan instance or from an underlying DTED dataset, a terrain profile is generated. From this, the signal propagation between the two points is calculated and effects are dynamically applied within CNR.

Building and Obstruction Effects   / Pro Only

Users with low-power Personal Role Radios operating inside dense urban environments will experience patchy communications due to the man-made landscape that surrounds them. When training in similar virtual environments, comms should the imperfect nature of the real world.

Natively integrated into Titan Vanguard, CNR-Sim with CNR-Effects is capable of calculating the loss that should be applied to a signal based on the physical world around the sender and receiver. In addition to the line-of-sight calculations mentioned earlier, CNR can also take into account the man-made physical obstructions inside a virtual world.

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