Your virtual radio should look like a radio, and with Calytrix CNR-Skins, it does. CNR-Skins provide virtual radio faceplates that look and feel like a real radio. These faceplates expose the underlying radio simulation in a much more familiar interface.

CNR-Skins enables effective low cost radio training without the need to obtain expensive real radios or the problems of securing controlled items. CNR-Skins provides a set of realistic, fully interactive, graphical radio faceplates ("Skins") to deliver a realistic operator training environment. New CNR-Skins can be developed to almost any degree of fidelity, from basic familiarisation training to deep menu functions. At a fraction of the price of a real radio and none of the security or frequency-leakage problems, CNR-Skins is an ideal radio training solution.

Desktop Radio Training

Calytrix has developed a turnkey Radio Desktop Training Solution package that provides the ability for organisations to perform a large amount of basic radio familiarization and operator skills maintenance training. Based on CNR-Skins, this solution is packaged as a deployable kit supporting up to 20 trainees and an instructor in a classroom environment. Additional options are provided to support bridging out to live radios, enabling a blended Live and Virtual environment. Read more about this in the Desktop Training Use Case.

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Technical Notes

Support for Multiple Skins

CNR-Skins ships with a number of pre-built faceplates. Each is modelled to a different depth of fidelity and can be used for different tasks. Calytrix routinely adds new faceplates for customers to a defined level of complexity based on their requirements.

By default, CNR-Skins ships with skins for the following radios:


Embedded Training Content

To assist students in moving through your training materials, Calytrix can embed copies of lesson plans and notes inside customized CNR-Skins packages. This lets trainees call up instructional content as they are training with the tool.

Multiple Views

To assist students training on radios that have controls on many faces of the physical packaging, CNR-Skins allows uses to rotate between a define set of views that show it from many angles. Cut-aways are also used to provide a simple visual representation of the difference faces of the faceplate.

Radio Control

By delivering realistic radio interfaces and controls, CNR-Skins supports complex radio communications training in a computer-based simulation environment. The extent to which CNR-Skins mimics the real radio is fully customisable and can be used for basic radio operation through to advanced communications training:

  • Turn the radio power on and off
  • Manually tuning the radio to a valid frequency
  • Tuning the radio to a preset channel (frequency)
  • Defining new channel presets
  • Load encryption fills
  • Selecting basic radio operating modes, such as (simulated) radiated power level
  • Adjusting the radio's output audio volume

Instructor Control via CNR-Monitor

CNR-Skins is built on CNR-Sim and can support all of the functions that the underlying radio simualtion supports. This also means that CNR-Skins can be remotely controlled and configured using CNR-Monitor. This makes managing a classroom full of CNR-Skins instances a breeze.

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