Use Case: Virtual Communications

Delivering Realistic Radio In The Virtual World

Effective communications is an essential component of military training and at the heart of this training is the radio. Communications training is essential in preparing for a real world operational environments where ‘Loud and Clear’ is not always a reality. However, clear and undistorted communications are the only thing provided in most virtual and constructive environments. The expectation of a fault free and clear communications environment in simulated training lacks reality, introduces negative learning outcomes and wastes valuable training opportunities.

Regardless of the mix between live, virtual or constructive (LVC) approaches to training events, there is a clear need to ensure that trainees, instructors, observers and other participants are provided with a comprehensive, realistically limited and flexible communications layer that presents the same challenges, capabilities and limitations imposed in real world operations. CNR-Effects is the answer.

By delivering realistic radio degradation effects within the virtual and constructive worlds, CNR is able to simulate the radio characteristic of the live domain. The system combines radio properties (power, frequency, antenna type), terrain topology, distance and line of sight (LOS) calculations between the transmitter and receiver to deliver realistic radio reception to each player. The result is a far more realistic simulated radio environment.

USE CASE: Dismounted Soldier Training Systems

Calytrix CNR-Sim and CNR-Log are used as part of the US Army's Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS) program to deliver radio communications simulation between each of the trainees and back to the instructor stations, and to provide transmission recording and AAR support.

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