Terrain Development


Calytrix Technologies is a specialist in the development of geo-typical and geo-specific terrain for use in LVC simulation.

Building terrain for simulation is a unique skill and Calytrix has invested heavily in this domain. Today Calytrix is the leading provider of correlated terrain for the Australian Defence Force and supports all major joint and coalition exercise terrain needs.

It is not enough to simply know terrain; a developer needs an in-depth knowledge of the simulation systems to be used and the ultimate training objectives to be achieved. Without a clear understanding of these two aspects you will not create terrain that is functional, realistic and ready to support training. Beyond simply visual appearances the simulation terrain developer must take into account:

  • The mix of virtual and constructive simulations and how they interact. The relationship between correlation and intervisibility is essential
  • The size of the terrain impacting polygon counts and feature density. There is no point in developing the world’s most accurate and detailed terrain if the target system can not load or operate with it
  • Exercise fidelity, which will influence the entity count, feature density and the map detail required to deliver the right level of training within the simulation

These complex and inter-connected factors are unique to the development of terrain in the LVC domain and each has the potential to make or break a training activity. Calytrix has a wealth of experience in developing terrain and a full simulation test environment for fully correlated terrain for any combination of the following systems: