About Us

A "calytrix" is a Western Australian native flower.

Calytrix Technologies was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2001. In March 2003 Calytrix opened an office in Dayton, Ohio, and subsequently moved to Orlando, Florida in 2013. Today, Calytrix employs 60+ full-time staff in both Australia and United States with offices in Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, and Orlando. The Company continues to grow in a measured manner and now sells products and consulting services in The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

Calytrix was originally formed to develop ‘software without excuses’, bringing a level of engineering rigour and commercial expertise to the delivery of cutting edge military simulation and training software.

Since its formation, Calytrix has focused on the defense training and simulation community, although our work has expanded to encompass the international humanitarian assistance communities. While Calytrix’s original focus was software development, Calytrix has grown a substantial training and consulting division to deliver both technical and integration solutions to meet its customers’ growing needs and expectations. Calytrix maintains a careful balance between its complimentary software development and services arms.



Calytrix’s software development team is mainly resident in Perth, Australia while services are predominately completed from Orlando and the eastern seaboard of Australia.


Since its formation, Calytrix has focused on the defense training and simulation community, although our work has expanded to encompass the international humanitarian assistance domain. While Calytrix maintains a leading industry edge in the development of simulation systems, our training and consulting division has provided a customer interface which continues to guide the development of our software technologies. The services provided by Calytrix are primarily focused within the Defence and Humanitarian Assistance environments, and blends state of the art technology systems with experienced military/training professionals to deliver high quality, focused operational training and support. A high percentage of our employees are experienced military members with a wealth of operational and training experience. Using experienced operational planners, practitioners and instructors Calytrix can develop and conduct realistic training scenarios and exercises for a variety of Government Organisations (military, Emergency Management, first responders), non-government organisations and International Agencies. Calytrix provides training, planning, and assessment support as a complete technology and expertise package.

Combining innovative training with world leading simulation systems Calytrix provides realistic, cost effective training. Calytrix’s software technology supports its consulting activities, allowing the company to deliver a complete and supported training system to all individual and collective training exercises.

Calytrix can deliver professional services in the following areas:

  • Training expertise: training design, delivery and evaluation
  • Conduct of courses
  • Military (joint, air, land, sea) Subject Matter Experts
  • Training focused on operational and strategic planning
  • Exercise design, conduct and evaluation
  • Outcome assessment
  • LVC systems architecture, development and delivery
  • Provision of large numbers of exercise role players.

Calytrix’s training services supports a wide range of training delivery. Calytrix has extensive experience in the delivery of highly complex Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) joint and combined training events. Responsible for all aspects of planning and delivering LVC support to large scale Australian military exercises Calytrix is the largest simulation support services provider to the ADF. Within the United States, and between 2013-2017, Calytrix was the prime on the PEOSTRI program of record Games for Training. Calytrix was responsible for delivering VBS3 to the United States Army. This responsibility includes all training, support, development and delivery.

Software Development

Calytrix’s ‘services led’ software development approach to business ensures that its personnel remain focused on cutting edge technologies and processes while keeping in touch with its customer’s real world training needs. Calytrix’s software approach is standards-based. Calytrix uses open systems and standards to facilitate greater interoperability of its products and services into its customer’s environments.

Calytrix’s R&D is at the forefront of software thinking and our engineering team understands the importance of balancing innovation and elegance with practical experience. The senior members of the Calytrix development team have extensive software development and integration experience and the team’s focus on design, process and testing reflects the principals that Calytrix insists are critical to predictable and repeatable software development. Calytrix’s ongoing investment in R&D ensures that its products and services are of the highest quality. Calytrix prides itself on being at the forefront of development in the simulation and training sector.

Proven Expertise

Local Support

Product Reach

Within Australia, Calytrix is currently the prime contractor for systems integration, communications, networking and exercise planning to the Australian Defence Training and Simulation Centre.
Calytrix provides on-going development and consulting services within Australia and the U.S to groups including ADSTC, FORCOMD, DSTO, PEOSTRI, U.S. Army USMC.
Calytrix’s international software customers include, but are not limited to, the ADF, U.S Army, USMC, Swiss Army, German MOD, NZDF, UK MOD, BAE Systems, Boeing, Cubic Defense, General Dynamics, DRDC, EADS, Lockheed Martin, MRFTE, Northrop Grumman, Saab, UK MOD, and QinetiQ.