Calytrix Technologies Releases LVC Game version 3.7


Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of version 3.7 of its LVC Game software. LVC Game provides bidirectional DIS/HLA connectivity to a number of third-party systems including VBS2, Steal Beasts, Havok Vision Engine, X-Plane, and Genesis RTX (with Prepar3D and CryEngine integration under development). 


New features in LVC Game v3.7 include:

easier mapping of DIS/HLA entities through an improved browser-based GUI, and

additional real-time information about active DIS/HLA entities.


Figures 1 and 2 below show the old and new ways to map DIS/HLA entities to models in the supported third-party product.  The new method is faster and easier for the LVC Game user and reduces the potential for errors in mapping, a critical aspect of the administration of distributed simulations.


Figure 3 below shows that the Host ID of the “source” system is now displayed in LVC Game’s real-time browser-based GUI.  Having this information available and current simplifies the management of complex distributed simulations, and helps greatly with troubleshooting of those complex environments.


Mapping pre-3.7
Figure 1 --- before LVC Game 3.7


Mapping with auto-filter
Figure 2 --- today's LVC Game 3.7


Host IDs displayed on webpage
Figure 3