Calytrix Technologies releases LVC Cost Counter 2.0


Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LVC Cost Counter 2.0. This release represents a significant step forward in usability, performance and visual appearance over previous releases.

Counting the Costs of Simulation


Simulation is playing an ever increasing role within Defense and is now woven through all elements of training, experimentation, analysis and operations. To date this adoption has been, in part, generated by the view that simulation saves money and increases capability.

While the technology argument seems to have been made, and is supported by clear observational and anecdotal data from the field, the collection of actual costs and cost benefit data remains more elusive. This demonstration shows the use of Calytrix's LVC Cost Counter to capture, analyse, and report on the cost savings achieved through application of simulation. In real time, Cost Counter monitors the simulation network, searches its user-defined costing models, updates running totals in various cost categories, and displays the real-time results in a browser. Cost Counter also produces output reports and exports data to spread sheets for further analysis.

Click here to read the full whitepaper on Counting the Costs of Simulation

LVC Cost Counter Demonstration

Calytrix has released a demonstration of a fully working installation of LVC Cost Counter 2.0, with data from a sample simulation. Reports and cost breakdowns for the scenario can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate links and menu items.

The sample data is 'played back' and collected by Cost Counter in real time, over the space of approximately thirty minutes. After a pause of five minutes, the Cost Counter database is cleared, and playback is repeated.

Click here to access the LVC Cost Counter demonstration.


LVC Cost Counter screenshot