Calytrix Technologies Releases Inject Planner 1.0

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its new online Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Manager. Calytrix Inject Planner provides an end to end environment which allows exercise and training managers to collaboratively develop, manage and monitor the delivery of training events (injects) into a distributed training environment.

Collaborative Planning

The Calytrix Inject Planner is a tool that allows users to plan, structure and assess performance against an approved Master Scenario Events List. Events can be entered and scheduled, allowing for collaborative development between planners. During an exercise, the schedule of events can be tracked and high-level assessments made against the results observed in response to the stimulus triggered when an inject is released.

Calytrix Inject Planner Timeline

Exercise events developed using the Inject Planner can be viewed in tabular form or on an interactive timeline which allows exercise controllers rapid access to view, modify or execute events as they occur. Observers in any number of locations can provide real time feedback to exercise controllers and multi-level interactive reports can be generated to determine the effectiveness of events which are linked to training objectives.

Calytrix Inject Planner Reports

Scalability and Flexibility

The Inject Planner has been designed for use in any scale or size of training event. The ability to add and customize the data fields associated with MSELs means that the Inject Planner can be easily configured for use in small team training events right up to large scale military or multi-jurisdictional events. The data can be saved, modified and re-used for subsequent events, saving valuable planning time. The ability to rapidly modify events on the fly ensures that the tempo and training outcomes are monitored and maintained during the course of an exercise.

The ability to generate reports against training outcomes allows rapid evaluation of training events as they occur and analysis after the event helps shape the design of subsequent training events.

Calytrix Inject Planner

Calytrix Technologies’ CEO, Shawn Parr said that, “For some time we have seen, in both the military and emergency management sectors, the need for an easy to use and scalable solution for tying exercise activities into training outcomes. We are very excited at the launch of the Inject Planner which manages that process simply and efficiently.”

The Chilean Army has already purchased a licence for the Inject Planner which demonstrates the tool’s applicability across a range of nationalities and training sectors.

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