Calytrix and Thales team up to Evolve the Portico RTI

First released in 2007, The Portico Project aims to deliver a high quality, freely available open source HLA Run-Time Infrastructure to the distributed simulation community. Since its inception the tool has been downloaded over 11,000 times in over 20 countries.

Dr.Tim Pokorny, Calytrix’s CTO, and Michael Fraser, the Technical Lead of Calytrix’s CNR project family, initially started the project as an open source effort. Calytrix has been involved in the project since its inception, providing commercial support and ongoing development including work with the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO) and the Defence Synthetic Environment (DSE).

With the recent release of the updated HLA “Evolved” specification, Thales have provided funding to help bring Portico inline with the new standard, contracting Calytrix to perform updates. The project will bring support for core HLA-Evolved features such as Modular FOMs and the Fault Tolerance API.

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