Calytrix and TerraSim Offer Updated Correlated Terrain Databases

The updated "Sample Desert Village" set of terrain databases was generated by TerraTools® from core geospatial source data, including orthophoto imagery, digital elevation data, attributed vector data, and 3D models. TerraTools® compiled the terrain information types into a common representation, then processed and exported the result to each of the various runtime formats in the set. The terrain databases are ready for testing in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) distributed simulations, such as those linked together by Calytrix's LVC Game interconnectivity software.

"Sample Desert Village" contains a variety of complexity, including parametrically generated buildings with interiors, walled compounds, utility lines, automatically placed 3D models such as mosques and helipads, vegetation of various types, and paved and unpaved roads. The terrain databases support rigorous distributed simulation tests for database content and cross runtime correlation.

By making "Sample Desert Village" available on its website, Calytrix provides a set of correlated terrain databases suitable for testing diverse systems, including serious games such as VBS2, Steel Beasts, and constructive simulations such as JointSAF, JCATS, and OneSAF. These runtimes can be connected into federated simulations via Calytrix's LVC Game with other live, virtual and constructive systems.