Calytrix Comm Net Radio 5.0 Now Available

The Calytrix Comm Net Radio (CNR) family provides a full range of products and tools to connect, talk and playback live and simulated radio communications; including DIS/HLA traffic, live radio integration and touch screen radio interfaces. The latest release of the CNR Family of products is now available for download. New and notable changes are listed below:

Suite-wide Changes

  • Improved suite-wide handling of Network Interface Card (NIC) selection
    • Internally, the interface's system name (e.g. eth0) is stored instead of the interface's IP address
    • This change shields the system against interface IP address changes (e.g. DHCP leases expiring)
    • A value of 'auto' can be specified in which case the system will select an interface based on the following ordering
      • Interfaces with reserved local addresses (e.g. 192.168.x.x)
      • Interfaces with public class addresses
      • Virtual Interfaces that exist to service Virtual Machines
      • System loopback interface
    • The appearance of comboboxes for NIC selection throughout the suite have been updated to display both the NIC name and its current IP address
  • The End User License Agreement is now provided in PDF format


  • (NEW) Intercom Mode
    • Allows VOX input to be transmitted on a different channel than the standard Press to Transmit frequency.
    • When the PTT button is activated, the intercom is silenced to prevent interference with deliberate communications.
      VOX Settings configuration
  • The default audio sample rate has been increased to provide the highest quality sound 'out of the box'.
  • Improved audio device selection
    • The availability of the configured capture and playback devices are checked at radio start
    • If the configuration references an invalid audio device the user will be prompted to select an alternative device
  • The handling of absolute/relative locations has been improved to match the intent of the DIS specification.
  • Removed embedded html tags from the error message that is displayed when CNR-Sim fails to start due to a network error
  • Improved modification checks on the presets file
  • Addressed C++ SDK memory leaks that accumulated through the CNR-Sim/CNR-Log discovery mechanism


  • CNR-HUD has been updated to support the 64-bit version of VBS2.


  •  (NEW) Transmission record filtering system
    • Allows the user to refine the set of transmission records that are visible.
    • Records can be either filtered by transmission frequency or the DIS identifier of the transmitter.
Audio Sessions Menu items

CNR-Effects (New)

  • Performs dynamic calculation of signal degradation effects based on specialized signal propagation models
  • Integrates directly with CNR-Sim
    CNR-Sim interacting with the CNR-Effects Server
  • Plug-ins abstract algorithms, such as signal propagation models or terrain based line of sight calculations, to determine the degradation effects that should be applied between sending and receiving radios.
  • Plug-ins included with the retail distribution include:
    • Free Space Path Loss
    • Okumura-Hata Urban Environment Loss approximation
    • Over the Horizon Loss (with terrain data sourced from either DTED files or Bohemia Interactive's VBS)
  • A terrain profile charting utility allows terrain information utilised by the Over the Horizon Loss related plug-ins to be viewed graphically.