Calytrix vIITSEC Newsletter: November 2020

Calytrix 2020 Round Up:

  • Calytrix Ramps-Up ADF Training Support
  • Theatre Operations Exercise Planners for the ADF
  • Finland Deploys CNR
  • Calytrix Applies BrightEarth™ for Rapid Terrain Generation
  • Focus on Call for Fire
  • Titan Vanguard 2020 Available
  • JCTB Support to the ADF
  • Calytrix Opens UK Operations
  • CNR Version 6
  • Calytrix Completes Phase 1 Delivery into DOTC-A

  • Calytrix Ramps-Up ADF Training Support

    Working with Lockheed Martin Australia (as Prime) and NEC Australia, Calytrix is in the final stages of standing-up a 40-person team to help deliver the ADF’s JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability (CSimC) program. Calytrix will provide personnel to support simulation, C4I integration and technical planning as well as software integrated into the new ADF Simulation Federation.

    Theatre Operations Exercise Planners for the ADF

    Calytrix continues to provide direct support to the ADF’s J7 Joint Collective Training Branch (JCTB) and is pleased to have re-signed a contract for the provision of a team to support Theatre Level Exercise Planning under the HQJOC J73 Directorate. The team includes Maritime, Land and Air specialists as well as support to the Space and Information Warfare aspects of Joint Collective Training.

    Finland Deploys CNR

    Calytrix is pleased to announce that the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has recently acquired and deployed their first set of 65 licenses of Calytrix’s Comm Net Radio (CNR) radio simulation suite as part of an expected multiple phase project to enhance the FDF’s virtual training environment.

    Calytrix Applies BrightEarth™ for Rapid Terrain Generation

    Calytrix Technologies (Australia), in partnership with LuxCarta have demonstrated how their new BrightEarth™ global imagery technology can be applied to rapid terrain generation for virtual simulation.
    Watch the video here

    Focus on Call for Fire

    Building on the MOA certified JTAC capabilities in Titan Vanguard in use in Australia and Jordan, Calytrix is working with a number of key customers in the UK and Austria to update their call for fire and artillery training capabilities. Our focus is on:

    • Call for fire over an unlimited terrain area
    • Integration of land, air and sea joint fire assets
    • Deformable terrain and structures and their role in BDA
    • UAV and sensor assets

    Titan Vanguard 2020 Available

    Calytrix is pleased to announce that Titan Vanguard 2020 is now publicly available for download. New features include:

    • Update to 64-bit version of core graphics engine
    • First-person updates including radial menu for controlling group subordinates
    • Significant expansion to desktop Joint Fires tool, including more mission types, ability to queue and rapidly re-request missions, expansion to mission options, tools to aid faster scenario development and more.
    • UAS platform updates including support for storing, recalling, and slewing to points of interest, TOT counter for fired missiles and in-tool documentation
    • Expanded content set including more than 15 new BLUFOR and OPFOR platforms and a variety of civilian models
    • New debugging tools allowing developers to look inside the performance profiles of aircraft and their interaction with environmental settings

    JCTB Support to the ADF

    Calytrix is pleased to announce that it will continue to provide essential services to the ADF’s HQJOC J7 Branch throughout 2021. Our personnel remain engaged in the provision of ICT security services, warehousing and logistics management, information and knowledge management, facilities management, JLVC configuration and delivery into service, as well as operational support to deployed personnel; giving Calytrix a footprint across nearly every aspect of the J7 Joint Collective Training Branch’s operations.

    Calytrix Opens UK Operations

    Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce that it has formally established an office in the UK to support a growing number of projects in the UK and Europe.

    Based out of Bristol and headed by Colin Hillier, Calytrix UK is providing services and support in a number of key areas:

    • Deployment of Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) consulting and systems
    • Simulation architectural design, federation development and DIS/HLA open-source tool solutions
    • Application of virtual simulation and related LVC technologies
    • Simulated radio and communications frameworks.

    CNR Version 6

    Calytrix’s Comms Net radio version 6 will be released early in 2021 and will support a raft of new features:

    • Native DIS and HLA support
    • Advanced signal propagation models supporting VHF, UHF, HF and SATCOM models
    • Integration with tactical chat systems
    • Update CNR Touch multi-radio interface
    • Real time voice manipulation
    • Comms planning in Excel

    CNR Version 6 will be available to all users with active support and will be available Q1 2021. Stay tuned.

    Calytrix Completes Phase 1 Delivery into DOTC-A

    Calytrix has now delivered the first major components of the radio communications backbone that will support Boeing’s UK’s Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC(A)) Core System and Services (DCS&S) systems for the Air Force.

    As part of this work CNR delivered:

    • Native HLA support tested with Pitch and Portico RTIs
    • Expanded CNR-Touch interface for multi-radio control
    • Integration into VT MAK’s VR-Forces Constructive Simulation
    • Automatic linking of radio profile to CNR-Effect’s propagation models for VHF, UHF, HF and SATCOM
    • Support for Boeing’s Weather Services and VR-TheWorld Terrain as input data sources for propagation modelling
    • Integration of intercom support into CNR-Touch
    • Support for Excel-based comms plans in CNR-Touch
    • Simulation integration of tactical chat services via IRC

    The full system is now heading into customer acceptance testing and it is anticipating will move to IOC in early to mid 2021.

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