Measuring What You're Not Spending

Utilizing Calytrix LVC Cost Counter, Commanders and staff can accurately articulate the savings being made by their simulation systems.
Imagine the impact of seeing a large screen above a simulation center showing a running/live total of the savings being made by the Unit’s simulation systems.
The capture and visualization of that cost data is a powerful message.

Measuring what you're not spending.

Value of Simulation

LVC Cost Counter provides the hard financial data that definitively justifies your simulation investment.

Measuring the Value of Simulation

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Counting the Cost of Simulation

While the technology argument for simulation has been made, and is supported by clear observational and anecdotal data from the field, the collection of actual costs and cost benefit data to justify the argument remains more elusive.

LVC Cost Counter:
Know what you're saving.

LVC Cost Counter / Measuring What You're Not Spending

Calytrix LVC Cost Counter is a software system that monitors the simulation network and accumulates and displays the individual, category and total costs associated with LVC simulation events. Cost Counter is able to work on all ‘DIS/HLA standards-compliant’ simulation systems. Cost Counter enables users to accurately measure and conduct deeper analysis into the application and cost savings being achieved through the use of simulation.

LVC Cost Counter provides the hard financial data that definitively justifies your simulation system.

Cost Counter in Training:

From a simulation and training perspective, Calytrix LVC Cost Counter:

  • Accurately calculates the savings being delivered by the simulation, based on user provided data (known costs);
  • Presents relevant financial information in real time, showing total cost and costs by category; and
  • Allows accurate cost information to be part of simulation-based decisions.

Cost Counter for Analysis:

From a budget development and operational analysis perspective, Calytrix LVC Cost Counter lets the user:

  • Develop budgets for live training by modeling and running the planned exercise in simulation
  • Generate accurate and consistent costing data across multiple simulated experiments
  • Apply different costing models to compare and contrast results, and
  • Export all cost data for further external analysis

Tech Notes:

Within Cost Counter the end user is able to configure the system to meet their needs. The user can:

  • Develop and share multiple costing models
  • Set the units of measure (e.g. kilometers or miles)
  • Set the units of currency (e.g. dollars, pounds, or euros)
  • Define reporting periods for sessions and exercises; and
  • Supports DIS and HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, and HLA 1516 Evolved networks using all major HLA RTIs and FOMs

Resources / Find Out More

Part of Calytrix's Professional Whitepaper Series, the Counting the Costs of Simulation paper discusses the topic of how true costs saving information can be extracted from simulation supported training activities. It introduces the LVC Cost Counter products and walks through various use cases where it can be applied, helping the reader to understand how they begin to "measure what you're not spending".

This flyer introduces the LVC Cost Counter product and discusses measuring the Value of Simulation in the US Army.
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