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Exercises just don’t happen, they require deep, thorough and meticulous planning. Calytrix Inject Planner provides you and your team a collaborative online solution for complex exercise planning and result management.

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Inject Planner / Training Results by Design

Calytrix’s Inject Planner offers a server based system with a simple intuitive interface that is scalable from small team to multi-agency events and offers the ability to collaboratively plan training events, and to re-use data for future training.

Calytrix's Inject Planner saves time and resources in the exercise planning process and ensures that exercise scenarios can be linked to, and measured against, specified training outcomes.

Technical Notes:

All the inputs to Inject Planner are completed by the user enabling:

  • Distributed planning over a LAN, Wan or the public Internet
  • Support for small individual to large collective exercise planning tasks
  • A link between exercise activities to training objectives
  • Assessment against defined training objectives
  • Real-time monitoring of performance
  • An interactive timeline to monitor status
  • The ability to attach and retrieve supporting documentation, notes and exercise material
  • Reporting for training performance and AAR
  • Reuse of training scenarios and events

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The time and resources allocated to conducting and reviewing training are a significant investment for any organisation. It is critical to ensure that training events are designed and planned with the required learning outcomes in mind, and that these outcomes can be validated easily.

Part of Calytrix's Professional Whitepaper Series, Training for Success details the use of Inject Planner as a collaborative solution to ensure these needs are met.



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