Talking Points


Modeling and Simulation as a Service: An Australian Direction

September 2019

Calytrix talks at ASC about MSasaS and what is happening in Australia to make this a reality. Download the presentation.


Distributed Mission Training: Counting the Costs

March 2019

Calytrix starts to unpick some of the hidden costs of Distributed Mission Training and LVC at the New Zealand Defence Symposium. Get the tips.


The Internet of Things and HLA

September 2018

Read the Best Paper at SISO Spring 2018 ‐ Examining HLA, Security and the Internet of Things.


LVC Primer Paper

DIS vs HLA, fair fight and correlated terrain issues, read the our LVC Primer paper to get a head state on the challenges related to connecting two or more simulations platforms.


Veterans Support

October 2018

Calytrix has a commitment to maintaining 50% of its workforce as veterans, a target that it currently exceeds with 61% of full time employees as veterans. Calytrix’s commitment to providing meaningful careers to veterans is demonstrated through providing veteran employees with skills outside those gained during their service.